Kristen & Gabriel | Wedding | Flint Hills Discovery Center | Manhattan, KS

It's not every day you see a bride as at ease on her wedding day as Kristen. From the moment I saw her, she was absolutely spilling over with smiles. When I asked, mid-hug, how the day was going, she simply responded with "Great!" he remarked that the feeling of this being her wedding day hadn't quite kicked in yet. Really, it seemed like nothing could take that smile off her face because things were moving along with such ease! It wasn't until she put on her dress that not only she, but all of her closest ladies' eyes began to tear up. They saw Kristen as a bride, and couldn't be more excited for her to greet Gabriel!

When we walked up the stairs to their first look, the moment when they would see each other pre-ceremony dressed as bride and groom for the first time, Kristen started to tear up again from the anticipation alone. With each step she took in that old Lutheran Church, it all became a little more real. What felt like might have been anyone's wedding day was suddenly very much her own. With tears in her eyes, and so much joy, she not only had a beautiful first look with Gabriel, but they both applauded, embraced, and adored their way through an absolutely gorgeous wedding. It was as though that staircase helped her ascend into the reality that her life was about to change forever, and Gabriel confidently accepted the role to stand by her side.

From the following father-daughter first look all the way to their moments on the dance floor, it was a treat to see Kristen and Gabriel living fully and leaning in to all the moments of their wedding. To give them the ability to remember one of their most life-changing stories for years to come is an incredibly high privilege, which I am truly honored to be a part of. Congratulations, you beautiful people! All the best as you continue in life together as husband and wife!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606