Baby E's Newborn Moments | Topeka Kansas Photographer

The Spare family warmly welcomed their sweet daughter to the world last May, and they let me join them in their home when she was a fresh 16 days old. To take pictures of Baby E at that point in her life meant that her family could forever look back on those moments when eating and sleeping were her favorite pastimes, we she was dwarfed by the old-fashioned basinet as she lay swaddled within it, and when her future heirloom baby quilts were merely freshly stitched gifts.

The whole family had such a peace and tenderness about them as they comforted and nurtured sweet Baby E, and it gave me the utmost confidence that she was going to be so well cared for for years to come.

They had a life-changing moment and kindly allowed me to briefly step into it and take a few photos. Because of that, they'll be able to always remember sweet Baby E in this way. All the loving feelings bubble up inside me just thinking about it, and I'm so thankful to have photographed them. Thank you, Spare family, for prioritizing these moments!

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Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606