Alyssa & Charlie's Anniversary | Lindsborg KS Photographer

Sunrise is a sleepy time for most people, but Alyssa and Charlie managed to look surprisingly chipper at their early Spring anniversary session last year! As admirers of beauty, these two chose to remember their love story at the striking and historic Coronado Heights.

It's an old stone fort set high on a hill in Central Kansas, rumored to have been erected by the gold-hunter Francisco Vasquez de Coronado himself in the mid 1500s. Years later, the only Kansas gold that seems to have surfaced is the love between these two!

For them to take time out of their schedule for an anniversary session tells me they care about their story. They care about documenting their life as it happens, and they know that it's the journey that holds meaning. Thank you so much for treasuring this moment in your lives and for taking the time to document yourselves along the way! 

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606