Caitlin & Mac | A Tulip Festival Topeka, KS Engagement Session

When Caitlin and Mac decided that they wanted to go on a date together, they chatted every single day until that fateful moment rolled along! Hearing them talk about that first date was adorable in the way that they awkwardly tried to balance conversation, but I think that was the last time they felt uncomfortable with one another. Both of them clicked quickly, and it was no time at all before the topic of ring shopping came up, and they were well on their way to marital bliss.

Their session was timed perfectly for the peak of spring with tulips in full bloom and the grass displaying a fresh shade of green. Despite initial overcast skies, the sunshine broke through with a breeze that was nothing short of pure romance! Throughout the session, Caitlin continually looked at Mac with the purest form of happiness that needed no prompting. I assure you those happy faces are genuine! Nothing only that, but these two seemed to fit cozily together like a couple of puzzle pieces. Talk about a great match!

It goes without saying that their engagement session got me a little excited for their wedding! While that moment is still a handful of months away, I have a good feeling that things will be just as beautiful then.

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