Kieran & Taylor | A Manhattan, KS Blooming Redbud Spring Engagement Session | Manhattan, KS

Kieran had been wanting a pair of Hunter boots for a while, but she just couldn't pick a color. It was an investment, and she didn't want to mess it up! Thankfully though, the delay meant Taylor could surprise her not only with her long-awaited boots for Christmas, but with a gift that held a little more meaning. He hid the box with her engagement ring in one of the boots, but Kieran was so excited and surprised by her new puddle-jumping gear she didn't notice she had dumped her engagement ring out and accidentally hid it under paper. Even though Taylor's initial plan steered a little off course, he somehow had the patience to wait for her to discover it, and within moments they were engaged.

Taylor and Kieran have an effervescent joy about them, which not only meant that they were photographed with ease, but it gave me a sense of peace about who they are to one another. Their easy-going personalities and tendency to giggle showed me that not only is their wedding day going to be fun, but they're steering themselves onto the course of a beautiful marriage!

Interacting with these two made for the best Sunday evening, and now I'm just so giddy about November when they tie the knot! Join me for a few moments of their Manhattan, KS engagement session, and be sure to tell them how good they look. ;) 

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606