The Keller Family | Topeka Kansas Family Photographer

Spending an evening with the Keller family was something like a whimsical adventure on a treadmill. It was high energy with ample doses of magic along the way. They ran, played, and picked flowers as the sunlight played on the natural grasses around them. It seemed as though the lower the sun got on the horizon, the more energetic their littles ones became! From running around the grassy pathways to picking wildflowers, these two had more than a little adventure within them! Through it all, they managed to smile, laugh, and play as a family, with only minor mishaps and downhill tumbles along the way. :)

Thank you Keller family for trusting me with documenting this moment if your family's journey! I loved getting to photograph you all and see your daughters' vibrant personalities (and hair!) in person. Best of luck as you enter into more adventures in the coming months!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606