Maris & Justin | A Bellwether Barn & Lake Scott State Park Wedding | Scott City, KS

Kansas summers are typically hot and miserable, but Maris & Justin's day was sprinkled (pun intended!!) with delightful weather! Everything seemed to go perfectly, as though it was a precious little gift for the two of them! Even as lightning and thunder went off during the wedding party photos, we all stayed happily dry. It was a wedding miracle if I've ever seen one! Come the evening, a cool and breezy 73 degrees kept everyone shockingly cozy for a July wedding. 

Coupled with the great weather, the Scott City area proved a beautiful place to say "I do.", and it was a kind departure from the typical flat Kansas scenery. From getting ready out at gorgeous Lake Scott State Park surrounded by natural bluffs, where there were bridesmaids, father/brother, and bride/groom first looks, to their ceremony at their family's new venue the Bellwether Barn, things were more than a little pleasing to the eye.

To make things even better, Maris & Justin were a happy couple of people to spend a day with. From their patience and ease with every moment of the day (thunderstorms schmunderstorms) to their big smiles and belly laughs, they were wonderfully kind-hearted and easy-going. It's clear that these two care not just about each other, but they care deeply about their family and their friends, who clearly love them in return! In fact, the entire wedding was a family affair.

From the mother of the groom sewing all the bridesmaids' dresses, to family cooking fresh donuts throughout the whole evening, and the bride's family building their venue (crazy, right?!), their wedding had an almost "Fiddler on the Roof" feel with the way that everyone seemed to pitch in and make their day amazing. 

With beauty, kindness, and love, and I'm happy to share Maris & Justin's sweet wedding day moments from Scott City, KS. Enjoy!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606