Katie & Heber | Clarion Inn Wedding Garden City Kansas

With the incredibly cold string of below freezing days in Kansas, Katie and Heber's wedding was anything but that. Their day brought so much warmth through love, laughter, and some pretty killer dance moves.

Knowing each other since grade school and not dating until college, Katie and Heber have a seasoned love that feels shiny and new. They look at each other with deeply familiar expressions, yet they still have the power to cripple the other with just eough tickle.  They laughed and cried throughout the whole day, fully experiencing every moment as it happened.

From watching these two love one another and love everyone that came to their wedding, I'm confident they will positively make an impact on whoever comes into their lives. 

To end the year on the Eve of New Year's Eve with Katie & Heber was the *best* way to end the year. They showed me the importance of smiling, not taking things too seriously, but also treating big things (like marriage!) with reverance. 

See the wedding day of these lovely newlyweds here!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606