Pilates by Amy | Social Media Marketing Images Commercial Shoot

There's little more fulfilling as a business owner than helping other businesses grow, and one of my favorite ways to do that is by making commercial images for them. In Amy's case, she needed content for not only her web-site but for social media marketing, so early one October, some of her favorite clients and I cozied up by a small body of water to take some images for Pilates by Amy in Topeka, KS.

While no amount of pumpkin spice lattes could have properly warmed us up that morning, somehow everyone left smiling, and I can only attribute that to Amy's leadership as a Pilates instructor. Not only is she remarkably precise in her direction and knowledge (injury prevention is huge!), but when it comes to caring for her clients, both in the traditional and ballet world, she has a heart the size of the pond we were shooting by.

While it may have been impossibly chilly for these girls to be romping around in tights and tank tops, they were total champs and managed to look not only warm... but happy! See what I mean by checking out just a few images from their shoot below, and be sure to swing by pilatesbyamy.com and Amy's hilarious Instagram @pilatesbyamy.

Interested in a personalized images for your social media? E-mail me at emma@rosewheat.com and we can make some photo magic happen!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606