Veggie Tales | Watercolor Vegetable Art by Emma Highfill | Topeka, KS

A couple months ago, I thought, “I’m gonna paint a carrot,” so I put brush to paper and was a little surprised by what came out.  Soon the carrot became a tomato, the tomato a potato, the potato a few eggs, the eggs some greens, and now I’m utterly confused about how plants are made. With a little bit of watercoloring and absolutely no weed-pulling, I managed to produce all the best goods of a hobby farm.

Experimenting with watercolor painting as I dreamed of farm life was and continues to be such a peaceful and freeing experience. It brings me to put my phone down, feel the accomplishment of creating something, and grow in a skill. As someone who is distraction-prone and addicted to Netflix, this was huge and frankly uncommon experience for me.

So today, I bring you my always-fresh produce*, complete with a small bunch of flowers (that are guaranteed never to wilt). <3

Interested in purchasing art for your home or a loved one? E-mail Emma at for more. 

*not meant for human consumption. Goats are debatable.