Sara & Andrew Star Wars Themed May the 4th Wedding | Topeka, KS Wedding Photographer

Not every wedding takes place on May the 4th, much less with a subtle Star Wars theme, and that's what makes Sara and Andrew just so special. While their love for one another seems to be something they take very seriously, their approach to their wedding day was full of levity with storm trooper boutennieres, a millennium falcon groom's cake, and a lightsaber tunnel through which they exited their ceremony at Kansas Museum of History. I would share more, but truly, you should see it all for yourself!

Despite having a lighthearted approach to parts of their wedding day, it was clear that they have an intimate connection that's nothing to laugh at. I adored the way these two were positively mushy together, and the way Drew look at Sara with utter adoration. It's unmistakable that these two like each other!

Thank you both for letting me join you on your wedding day, and I hope you find that the force follows you throughout your lives together. ;)

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