Final Hurrahs! | Personal | Rose Wheat Photography

We're two months out from picking up and shipping out from Kansas, packing our life's collection of possessions and heading to the beautiful, ocean bordered state that is Florida. As with anything in the Army, this could change. We could end up staying in Kansas, despite the orders we've received to go elsewhere. However, it's almost too close for anything to change, and I don't know what to make of it. After months of denial and wishing to stay, my youthful nomadic desires are pushing me in the direction that my almost three-years-married self wants to reject. That direction is away from home, from dear family, and the closest friends I've ever had. It is towards something else that I won't know until I get there. 

In light of the mood of transition, I'm in a state of "final hurrahs." I'm sure you know what that is. It's where you're about to leave some place, and you make yourself do all of the things you never did because it wasn't the right time or it was too much money or you just didn't feel like it. It's a geographic bucket list if you will. It just hit me this morning that these things must be done. I've never eaten at the nicest restaurant in town (and incidentally the state), I've never gone to Sunset Zoo just to visit, shopped at Grandma Hoerner's, or visited the local Elderberry Vineyard. Sure, I'll be back to Manhattan, but at this point there's no time like the present!

Featured below is the first of my final hurrahs: shooting a styled shoot at Varsity Donuts. It's been a dream ever since they opened, so I can't wait to share more images with you shortly! It was an afternoon of beauty and cuteness thanks to the collaboration of local vendors and gorgeous models. Keep your eyes peeled for more from this shoot soon!


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Confession Explosion | Personal | Manhattan, KS | Rose Wheat Photography

It's confession time (apparently). Something about watching bombs explode in front of my face for entertainment has me feeling more open about things. 
So, here we go, and I hope we're still friends afterwards.

1. On Wednesday, July 3rd, I went to bed expecting this year's fourth of July to be freaking awesome.
2. That same night I tie-dyed shirts in the most patriotic way I knew how. Find the evidence below.
3. Additionally, I was ready to party (like all day), so appropriately I listened to MGMT for most of the day. Duh.

Scroll down for more confessions.

 4. I ate my fill of hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, and American pride. Oh yeah. You better believe that's what I had for lunch. AND dinner.

 5. Thursday afternoon I drove to Target and bought a tripod just so I could photograph fireworks this year. Driving to the fireworks display, I looked up a tutorial on my phone for photographing fireworks. It was procrastination and artfulness at their finest, and I've never been prouder of myself.

Most years, I'm all "meh" when it comes to holiday photos. You know what I mean right? The photos that I'll look back on when I have children and be all "yeah that was me." The proof that I existed, not just the people around me. Yeah, I'm normally blasé blasé about the whole thing.

"I'll just do it on a cell phone," I thought. Who doesn't like a good vintage filter right? It's automatically grainy, simply because it was taken on a cell phone. Total perk.

"No, I'll bring my big girl camera and take pictures of everyone having fun." It's just prettier. And heavier. But prettier. But I guess I did do my hair and tie-dye a t-shirt... AND put on make-up (with liquid eyeliner to boot). That's a lot of work for it not to be adequately documented.

Before I left the barn (did you know I live in a barn?) Thursday, I had grabbed three different lenses (only used two), a fully charged battery, and a freshly formatted memory card. 2 crash courses in "this is how you use my camera," 14 hours of running around, and 90 workable images later---and I had thoroughly documented a holiday while also including myself. This was monumental (seriously, I think Mt. Rushmore took less effort).

After dusting myself off (which I needed after the EPIC fireworks display in Wamego) (no really, there were firework chunks on me), I slept hard. Holiday hard. I experienced Christmas-morning joy at the prospect of seeing fireworks and enjoyed every last second of it. This holiday was freaking awesome, just as I had set out for it to be.

Amidst a like... super busy month of work, picking up my camera to document my favorite moments was so worth it. I'm excited to share more of my life with you soon! So thanks for listening today, and I hope we're still friends. :)

Ch-ch-ch-changes | Personal | Rose Wheat Photography

This year I attempted to start an herb garden (I even have proof). I imagined myself babying those cute little plants. Then, come some hot summer day, I would think to myself "gee, this chicken sure could use some parsley, sage, rosemary.... or even thyme," at which point a lightbulb would appear above my head, complimented by a happy "ding." I would run downstairs, scissors in hand, and snatch me some fresh-from-the-garden-emphasis-on-the-h herbs.

It seems though, that this will simply not be the case. Not at this point anyway.

You see, this year has been an odd one. Summer stayed hot, pushing autumn out of the way, and warmly inviting a bit of a chill for spring. Winter? It fell somewhere amidst hot flashes and blizzards, but some days I think it forgot to come at all. The snow that fell was just a mere sneeze from the clouds above. Needless to say, all this bipolar weather leaves this brown thumb with four terra cotta pots sprouting nothing but twigs.

While I may not be able to keep baby herbs alive, it seems that the Kansas terrain is well-seasoned in the art of caring for it's little bits of life that have sprouted up over the years. While part of me was worried that none of our trees would sprout leaves but instead turn to dust, I was relieved to see all of the trees gradually get dusted with a bit a green. 

Take for instance the apple tree in our yard. After winter things looked bleak, and I thought for sure my beautiful little tree would never sprout apples. However, one day I saw buds, days later I saw flowers, and now I'm almost positive that this fall there will be a Wheatley Apple Picking Festival. There are simply too many not to share!

The left photo was taken on 4/28/13 with the right being taken on 5/2/13.

Despite the changes in my life, the constant crazy weather, and my consistent lack of a knack for gardening, I'm glad that everything that's good and rooted has not failed. I can still count on trees to bloom, apples to grow, and seasons to change... eventually.

Bundle up or strip down (depending on your climate), and rejoice with the season you're currently living in. Worrying will only have you making more frequent trips to the salon to cover up that gray.

Have a happy Friday all---now go grab yourself a smoothie to kick the wintry-spring blues!