Ashlynn | Washburn University College Graduate Senior Pictures | Topeka, KS

She called me on a whim one evening. Days prior she had found out she had just gotten accepted into grad school, and miss Ashlynn wanted to find a way to remember this moment in her life for years to come. This defining moment, only weeks before she receives her bachelor's degree in sociology and months before she starts the next chapter of her life, notes years of hard work and effort.

Photographing was such a blast! After her session I thought, "I could do this EVERY day," because it was so fun! This girl was bubbly with joy the entirety of the session, and I'm sure that her confident spirit alone is going to inspire her to do nothing but amazing things. She delighted in every moment of the session from the Springtime flowers to the sign that tells the world that she's going right ahead to her masters program. This is why her college senior photography is so special, because it's a hope-filled moment, a sign of hard work coming to fruition, and all-in-all it's filled with happiness.

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