Anna & Gabe | An Overcast Konza Prairie & Varsity Donuts Manhattan KS Engagement Session

"You better not propose to me in this outfit." She was wearing her scrubs right after she finished up a day at dental hygiene school, and he quite appropriately had her ring at the ready. Even though she might not have loved her outfit that day, Gabe knew that proposing to her in that moment, scrubs and all, was what he was supposed to do. After six years together, they were very ready to transition from dating to engaged, even if that meant she wasn't wearing her favorite jacket.

These two are my kind of people. They are easy-going, considerate, and obviously in love. Despite having threats of rain at their session, they were incredibly calm and flexible. While I was worried about her hair getting drenched while hiking the Konza Prairie, they couldn't have been more relaxed. Shortly into their session, we moved into the Manhattan city limits and made our way to Varsity Donuts in an attempt to stay dry should the weather get intense. Thankfully, we dodged the rain and managed to share more than a few beautiful moments together outside, even spying a lone blooming lilac bush at the end.

These two are calm in a storm, and can, I'm pretty sure, take whatever the skies may bring their way! After spending a little time with them, getting them used to being photographed by me and also giving them some photos while they're engaged, I'm confident that their wedding is going to be the peaceful, green vision she has dreamed about. No matter what that day may bring, I'm sure it will be filled with a relaxed assurance that all is well!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606