Easter: A Story Unfolding + A Modcloth Outfit Review

I'm apologizing in advance that you're not going to be barraged with dyed eggs, hopping bunnies, and photos of my pot-luck style lunch with my extended family. While I would have loved to share all those things with you, I decided to keep things simple and not carry my camera with me all day. ;)

The title promised Easter thoughts, so here's what I have to say before I talk about the more important and lasting things in life: fashion (rolls eyes, being facetious, I'm sarcastic here really truly).

Easter. It's the light-hearted Christmas with the low-expectation for gifts that are delivered by a mysterious (spoiler alert kids!) albeit imaginary figure. In the past this holiday has been a little fluffy for me (I blame the basket-hunting!), but the older I get it seems to carry a greater depth. This year for example, I attempted to be sorrowful in remembrance of the path Jesus walked. In all honesty though, it's sort of hard to take myself there knowing that He is risen! No really---He IS risen. He's BEEN risen, and He's alive. He's seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven. And one day, He's going to set foot on this earth again, handing out the biggest Easter basket of righteousness you've ever seen. 

Now that? That sends shivers down my spine, and that is worthy of joy. One of the most fun things about loving Jesus is that it's not about what was or even what is, but it's about what will be. It's about the story that has already been written but has yet to unfold. I'll take that over a dyed-egg any day!

Now, as promised, here's a mini Modcloth review of my Easter outfit. I've recently decided to add more color to my wardrobe and I REGRET NOTHING! 

My top. Oh my top! It's so comfortable and loose and wonderful! It's true to size (this is a medium!) and has just the right amount of details that it doesn't feel too trendy. My only criticisms are that it's a tad short for my long-torso and it's a tiny bit low-cut which requires some adjusting throughout the day for modesty's sake. But not so much adjusting that I'm going to send it back! This is going to be a fantastic top for the summertime with it's light, but seemingly durable fabric, and it's a fairly versatile print. Win. Freaking. Win.

Concerning the skirt, I'm incredibly pleased. It's fantastic. It doesn't have a zipper so it makes me feel a tad claustrophobic when I'm taking it off over my shoulders, but when it's on it fits beautifully. As suggested on their site, I sized down to medium and it fits great. The length is perfect for moving around and crossing my legs. Because of that, I could definitely see myself wearing this at weddings! I want one it almost every color too. Seriously! This is a staple! 

Easter. Cute clothes. Jesus. I think we've covered all the basics! ;) Meanwhile, I hope today can be restful and re-energizing. Basically like a Saturday that's a Monday.

Happy Easter Monday friends!