Hunter | Topeka Kansas Newborn Photographer

When I walked into the Bulin family home, I felt a familiar peace that covers a house with a newborn. Despite their household having just had one of the biggest life transformations (literally), there was a calm in the home as they got to know their sweet little boy and adjust to life with their newest and youngest addition.

Sweet little Hunter here was born this winter, and he came into the world as this family's first son and a little brother. His big sister began learning what it was like to have a new, delicate sibling in the house, and everyone seemed to exude the utmost love towards this little guy.

This session was such a joy, because really, nothing beats holding a precious little newborn! See some of my favorite frames (as well as a little tongue-in-cheek Lion King reference) here!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606