Keshya & James | A Love Story | Fairbanks, AK | Rose Wheat Photography

We traversed the snowy expanse of Creamer's Field, trying not to melt the snow with their gooey love. Oh yeah, it's that ridiculous. ;) Actually, Keshya and James were just super cute in no uncertain terms. They were so ridiculously sweet with one another, and it seemed so obvious that cuddling was their favorite. As well as their default as it was nothing short of sub-zero temperatures outside. Cuteness doesn't wait for good weather though! And these two couldn't wait one more minute!

Enjoy this little Fairbanks, AK session with the super sweet and somewhat sultry Keshya & James. :)

The Bushnells | A Life Story | Fairbanks, AK | Rose Wheat Photography

After photographing Nicole's homecoming with husband, it was so special to follow-up by photographing the four of them in their beautifully Alaskan environment they get to call home right now. While they were chilly, they endured! We tickled, threw, giggled through their session and it was kind of the best. Oh, I should mention, Nicole's eyes are piercingly beautiful, so watch out for those people! Just a forewarning of the pretty to come. ;)

The Adkins' | A Love Story | Fort Wainwright, AK | Rose Wheat Photography

Back in November I had the chance to photograph the gorgeous Adkins family. While I had some fun little shots of them with their babies, I chose to let this post be all their's. Four babies between them, it's encouraging to see how cute they still are with each other! They weren't afraid to make-out, so much so that come the end of our session Lily (a pretty amazing hair and makeup stylist) managed to apply some lipstick to Josh's face by accident. If I were really into hashtags in inappropriate places, I'd say: #worthit

But I'm not. So I won't.

Enjoy these, ugh, gorgeous people. No no, you'll be ok. You just might feel less gorgeous. #notmyfault (I really hope that's not that case. Hopefully you'll just feel like you want to get your picture taken! Peace, love, and donuts!)