The Duggers | A Life Story | Fairbanks, AK | Creamer's Field | Rose Wheat Photography

In love with Alaska, The Dugger family was so sweet to photograph. Just reunited after a deployment, it was clear their hearts were full. Being together was their favorite place to be. Their choice of Creamer's Field for their session was largely based on the sentimental qualities it held for them, making their photos that much more meaningful!

Thank you all for letting me take these photos of you during this precious time in your lives! 

Erika & Ben | A Love Story | Birch Hill | Fairbanks, AK | Rose Wheat Photography

Together forever, knowing each other since they were five, these two were two peas in a stinkin' pod during their engagement session. He'll say she made him cry when they were younger, but they clearly matured in most giggly, light-hearted pair. We made our way around parts of Birch Hill where they plan to share their vows this coming summer. Their wedding day is of course going to be beautiful (Erika's a babe, we know this), but it's bound to be a pretty fun shindig as well.  I know, because it was such a joy to photograph these two!

In the meantime, soak up some of their engaged goodness from their Love Story!

Rachael & Santiago | Birch Hill | A Wedding Story | Fairbanks, AK | Rose Wheat Photography

It was a beautiful, prayer-filled day of gratefulness.

These factors on an average day would make for an incredible experience. However, that day was no average day. On the day of the first good snowfall here in Fairbanks, Rachael was blessed with the presence of her groom, with the company of her loved ones, and with the opportunity to vow, unite, and forever share her life with another man. That day was the culmination of years of waiting to be in her home country with him, to fulfill her desire to be his wife.

Rachael was shrouded in prayer in the moments leading up to walking down the aisle, at the end of which she privately shared vows with Santiago. As he was becoming her husband, she sweetly whispered them into his ear, so closely and so intimately, and he whispered his into hers. Their sanctuary was filled with music that exuded brilliance and brought more than one person to tears. 

It was clear throughout the whole day that their marriage was something desired by countless individuals. While Santiago's family couldn't be present, his mother made "attended" through Rachael's dress, which she sewed for her. In fact, his entire family was "there" through the help of a webcam. They joyfully looked on, celebrating remotely from Argentina. Toast after toast, guests with gracious words poured out their loved out on Rachael and Santiago. And then they partied like there was no tomorrow, because that only seemed like the appropriate response. Enjoy a glimpse into their day of luminous appreciation!

Thank you so much Rachael and Santiago for letting me be a part of your day. It's hard to explain how I was touched through seeing your wedding, but I am so thankful that I got this window into your life. Best wishes during this precious, new time in your lives!