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Sarah & Matt | A Wedding Story | Fairbanks, AK | Rose Wheat Photography

You would think someone was conducting the weather on summer solstice this year in Fairbanks. Last Saturday, Birch Hill proved to be just sunny enough, just dry enough, and easily beautiful enough to host a lovely wedding for the terribly adorable Sarah and Matt. In fact, the day was so well orchestrated that moments after they departed in their getaway truck, drops started to fall from the sky and soon greeted us with a momentary torrential downpour. You would think it was meant to be.

Moments after Sarah arrived that afternoon with her dress, I whisked it away to be hung on one of the quaint cabin-like buildings near the lodge.

Sarah was so beautifully emotional on her wedding day. She had typical fears of tear-induced make-up smudging, but a little smeared mascara was well worth moments like these.

Special thanks to Laura Busbey for capturing the next three images of their ceremony details.

Together they shared an incredibly intimate moment, by privately sharing their vows quietly in front of everyone. It was such a precious time in that, even though no one could hear the words they were sharing, it was clearly one of the most unifying times during their ceremony. Many eyes were all but dry.

After their ceremony and formal photos, I snuck them away to grab some portraits on the premises.

They were warmly welcomed by a room full of cherishing people, ready to congratulate them on their new status as husband and wife.

Sarah's first dance with her father was so tenderly emotive, and I felt privileged to capture those brief minutes as they danced to Over the Rainbow.

Their dance was a jam-packed time of Ellie Goulding lip-syncing, air-guitaring, and unadulterated body flinging. Special thanks to Laura for the next image.

Laura snuck out back to capture these wedding party ninjas performing some mild acts of vandalism, as seen in the next few images..

Thank you Sarah and Matt for letting me follow you around during your wedding day. It was my joy to capture your cuddles, your tears, your giggles, and your love. Your honor for intimacy, even in a public way, is so special to the two of you. I hope you are able to reflect on the great ways God will grow you as a married couple, and I hope you will let those vows be the precedent for years to come.

Amy & Mike | A Wedding Story | Bushton, KS | Rose Wheat Photography

When you shoot a wedding for someone that is not only family but is as much in love with weddings as yourself (evidenced by her event planning business & home decor shop Yours Truly), you know the day will hold some of the sweetest things.  With a veil, complete with her grandmother's lace, a self-designed invitation suite, and a healthy mix of vintage and sparkle Amy knew how her day would look. However, she never could have anticipated the way she would feel when the doors to the sanctuary opened, as she stood arm in arm with her father, and saw the man who in moments would become her husband. One can only imagine that it was a combination of overwhelmed happiness with a dash of nervous anticipation.

On that unseasonably warm January day, Amy met Mike as her husband and enjoyed an evening of dancing and celebration with her closest family and friends. It was a pleasure to photograph them and be allowed into their lives, if only for a day. Best wishes to my dear cousin and her husband!

Jill & Kelton | Preview | Hays, KS | Rose Wheat Photography

Tonight I got the pleasure of photographing my cousin and his gorgeous wife-to-be! I can't wait to bring you more from this session. While it might have been weird asking my cousin to kiss someone on command, I'm really thankful for the opportunity to get some images of these two. :)