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Amanda & Ben | Love Story | Manhattan, KS | Rose Wheat Photography

Amanda & Ben

In November, I got the opportunity to host a pint-sized workshop with a handful of local photographers. We photographed the lovely Amanda and Ben who are going to get married in the very near future. I'm so excited for the two of them not just because they have great personal style, but because they're just real cute together. So, you know, they've got that going for them.

Happy engagement and future wedding to these two!

California Dreamin' Pt. 2 | Alaska Calling | Personal | Rose Wheat Photography

It is quite easy to say that our last week in California was different from our first. Week one held large groups, who collectively planned out their journeys to Fairbanks (see you when we see you!), while week two was more focused. We got to spend quality time with individuals, and it felt like the sweetest thing in the world. Salinas, Fresno, San Francisco, Tahoe, Napa---we practically did it all---with one or two close family members or friends by our sides. It's hard to believe we were able to fit so much into such little time. Oddly, saying our goodbyes was more exhausting than one would think.

While food was yummy, and conversations enriching, it became terribly apparent to me just how much I needed time with my husband. Come the second that I had to leave him at the airport, somewhat abruptly I might add, I had basically held things together. Then he said, "I guess I have to go now," as my car sat by the curb, and immediately I forced myself to choke back tears. Goodness, it was worse than deployment. Another departure. Another final hug. Another lonely drive away.

I tell you, though, there's hope. 

In a short, short month, I'll be at my new home, and more importantly... I'll be with another part of my heart. I know this time will fade quickly, despite the way it feels. I can't wait to share our hearts with you come that day, showing you how we've been transformed by that snowy land up north. I don't expect any less from that state.

While we wait together, see what our past week has looked like, see what I've seen.

Coming Home | Alaska Calling | Personal | Rose Wheat Photography

Miles. So many miles. Under my belt. Not to mention the hours. And songs. And self-talks. 

Driving alone is anything but easy, but I know with each re-filled gas tank, iPhone picture (see what I mean on Instagram @rosewheat... it's a disaster over there), and just-out-of-reach radio station that home is that much closer. Each day the steps to our new home in Fairbanks, Alaska are getting fewer and fewer. More on that in California Dreamin' Pt. II, where I'll conclude our journeys in that beast of a state and fill you in on what it was like to say goodbye to my sweetie another time this year.

In the meantime, enjoy this cozy bit of snowy tree from Tahoe.