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Parker Turns Two! | Topeka Kansas Family Photographer

Last night after I got back from this session with the Murphy family, I took a second to count up how many times I had photographed them. From their engagement all the way to this session celebrating their son’s second year of life and (spoiler alert) Tracy’s second pregnancy, I’ve photographed them seven whole times! That realization was equal parts remarkable and wonderful, and it ultimately filled me with a sense of gratitude.

Meanwhile, seeing their son Parker just weeks before his second birthday was such a treat! Over the year he learned to talk so much more, and it was an absolute joy interacting with him throughout the session. Even though we shot in early January, everyone did an amazing job of looking warmer than they probably felt and spending all their extra seconds playing and having fun.

Pause with me for a moment to appreciate the beautifully growing Murphy family and send them so much love!


Hudson's 6 Month Milestone | Kaw River State Park | Topeka, KS

When a little boy as cute as Hudson is rounding sixth months of life, you sure as heck take thirty minutes to document the milestone. He might have been somber for most of the session, but my word, when this kid finally grinned it made all the zombie noises, jumping, and crazy-laughing worth it!

If one thing will get me out of my house with my camera in the winter, it's a sweet baby that just can't help growing bigger! Oh--and we had our first adventure with grass on Saturday. Be sure to catch his reaction!