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You never know the impact a small story can have on the outcome of your life. You never know which story could be the game-changer. 

Photography has been a great, beautiful journey for me. Through the years, I've been able to meet people in all walks of life and be able to freeze time for them. Every story, no matter how big or small, mattered, because it caught them in the middle of a life-changing moment.

All of their and your stories have been so special to me, and I never take them lightly. I know this is the only time he'll be clean shaven, you'll be wearing that dress, and the sky will be that shade of blue.

Because I want you to know my heart, and I want you to know this photography thing is about so much more than pictures, I made a video for you. Some things are just best said in person, and I can't wait to pour out my heart!

Watch the video below where I gush and explain to you why I've chosen to make a living serving others through photography during their life-changing moments. Meanwhile, if you would like to have me join you during one of your life-changing moments, click here.

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